Fossilized remains of Dickinsonia




Essentials of Publishing Workshop

Join us for a free lunchtime workshop on Sunday, June 23 sponsored by the Paleontological Society and Cambridge University Press.

This interactive workshop will be a great opportunity to learn more about how to select a journal, prepare and submit an article and get published, as well as to network with Paleontological Society editors. 


Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Student Lunch

Finding your community and building a support network

Join us for a free lunchtime workshop on Monday, June 24 sponsored by the Paleontological Society Diversity & Inclusion Committee. 

Finding your space and feeling at home within your profession scientific community is difficult, even more-so if you aren't part of the majority. We invite students to come get to know each other and start to build community. This lunch will feature a panel of paleontologists who speak from their own experiences as scientists with minoritized backgrounds and who offer tips and tricks for building networks for collaboration and support.


Travel Grant to Support Inclusion

Three grants ($1200 each) to support travel are available for Paleo Society members from underrepresented and/or at-risk groups. Applications are due May 31.




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